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iMotions GmbH, Junkerngasse 53, 3011 Bern


Managing director authorized to represent the company: Patrick Kappeler


Legal notice:

"Personal Jesus" is not intended or able to replace any kind of individual and professional advice or service, including, but not limited to, legal, medical or financial advice. The answers of "Personal Jesus" are based on Artificial Intelligence and thus on probabilities in comparable question constellations and cannot replace actual answers by a human being that are focused on an individual person. The database on which "Personal Jesus" answers is not our responsibility and care, but Microsoft Azure, which in turn is based on GPT ("OpenAI"). We only grant access to the Microsoft Azure/OpenAI database through the "Personal Jesus" application.Generating content through "Personal Jesus" that is prohibited by laws, regulations, government orders or decrees, such as violent, discriminatory, or pornographic content, or that violates the rights of others, is not permitted; It is also unlawful to: - Attempt to gain unauthorized access to or disrupt services, devices, data, accounts, or networks; - Distribute spam or malware; - Mining cryptocurrencies without Microsoft/OpenAI's prior written consent; - Acting in a way that could harm the "Personal Jesus" service or interfere with its use by others; It is also prohibited to assist or encourage anyone to violate any of the prohibitions contained in this clause.


Personal data entered into "Personal Jesus" may be processed by Microsoft/OpenAI for its own purposes. It is not allowed to enter personal data of third parties at "Personal Jesus".

"Personal Jesus" is interactive tool designed to deliver information in an entertaining and personalized way.

We do not assume any liability for any damages that may arise from the use of "Personal Jesus".

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